We design fixed and mobile networks for our service provider, key account and local authority customers from our many regional design offices and our national design office located in eastern France.

Cable Network Engineering

We support all technologies

  • FTTH (P2P, AON & PON)
  • FTTx/FTTLa
  • Bandwidth increase

What we do

  • Test & Analyze field conditions
  • Identify field-related challenges (e.g. addresses, constraints, technologies)
  • Analyze & Find relevant solutions (e.g. cost, architecture, durability)
  • Design, Scale & Create network base map
  • Manage network layers: infrastructure, optics, copper
  • Issue cost breakdown and quotations
  • Model the network in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Use advanced industry tools
  • Extract & Process network data
  • Prepare site work case files

GIS mapping

What we do:

  • Implement Geographic Information Systems
  • Manage base maps
  • Process network data (e.g. import, export, integration, modelling, conversion)
  • Manage requests

Wireless Network Engineering

Detailed Engineering

What we do:

  • Define tailor-made solutions based on our customers’ marketing requirements (engineering)

Execution Engineering

What we do:

  • Develop equipment configuration settings documents
  • Issue radio coverage forecast and local radio planning
  • Assess microwave transmission
  • Develop transmission links configuration settings documents
  • Update customer database