We deploy our customers’ fixed and mobile networks leveraging a full range of deployment services from finding and negotiating to rolling out and operating network sites.

Mobile Networks

As part of our deployment process, we find, negotiate and operate telecom sites, build new sites, or convert existing ones.

Turnkey Project Management

What we do:

  • Update our customers’ databases & Check data accuracy
  • Provide project management services using Circet POP!, our in-house project management tool

Sourcing & Negotiating

What we do:

  • Identify network site candidates & Conduct risk assessment of qualified areas
  • Shortlist network site candidates
  • Produce simplified designs
  • Obtain official approvals
  • Negotiate occupancy agreements
  • Produce detailed designs

New & Existing Network Sites

What we do:

  • General contractor:
    - Use of internal resources
    - Use of subcontractors
  • Conduct external works, civil engineering, electricity works, ironwork/metalwork, pylons manufacturing, telemetry and command equipment, and more
  • Supervise site works
  • Perform delivery operations
  • Develop records of finished work

Fixed Networks

Deployment includes project management, civil engineering, optical fiber/coaxial and copper cable laying, vertically up to the subscriber, and horizontally (overhead or underground).

Construction & Installation

What we do:

  • Provide project management services
  • Provide civil engineering to dig trenches
  • Install poles
  • Run control tests (cable duct, cable)
  • Install optical fiber and copper cables (pulling, jetting, blowing)
  • Perform welding and fusion splicing
  • Roll out equipment, repeaters, DSL access multiplexers