Network Activation: Commissioning & Integration 

We offer an end-to-end portfolio of professional services: on-site access control, technical and safety inspections, installation and commissioning of active equipment, as well as development of project closure reports.

Installation and commissioning services for radio (bay & antennae) and transmission (microwave, copper, optics) are carried out in three phases:

Technical & Safety Inspections

In compliance with our customers’ specifications, we conduct thorough site inspections to guarantee access security, safety, and technical feasibility. Following these inspections, which can be conducted by our team or jointly with our customer, we release:

  • an inspection report stating the rules for the future installation project
  • a custom safety plan factoring in the specifics of each site

Installation & Activation (I&A)

This phase includes:

  • Sourcing & Storing in our warehouse the equipment needed for I&A prior to installation
  • Equipment inventory
  • Transferring & Preparing the equipment on site (e.g. transport, crane handling, porting, assembly)
  • Customer-specific installation processes
  • Powering up & Declaring the new equipment in our customer’s existing active network
  • Tests (link qualification/voice and data test) to check that the equipment is serviceable
  • Integration into our customer’s active network (= site in operation)

Project Delivery

What we do:

  • Issue an as-built record (e.g. installation report/final documentation/system documentation/record of finished work)