We conduct reliable and optimized surveys on cable pits and poles using our Sépale tool.

Circet has developed ‘Sépale’, a tool to optimize and carry out reliable field surveys. Our tool is designed to avoid data input errors, and to help technicians make sure the surveys are exhaustive and the necessary photos have been taken. Our user-friendly application is available on tablets and smartphones. A guiding tool to our technicians, it helps ensure consistency and reliability throughout survey processes.

Sépale is fully compatible with Corolle, our engineering network tool. In standard mode – i.e. Corolle not in use –  our technicians conduct comprehensive surveys and the Sépale application subsequently generates all the related documents. Using Corolle, the data available in Corolle can be exported to Sépale in order to be completed with field data, and then reimported into Corolle in order to generate the documents required to issue access requests/orders.

Main Benefits of Sépale

  • Higher quality & complete field surveys
    via a user-friendly interface and explicit data for stakers on the exhaustiveness of surveys
  • Faster field data input for faster data entry in design offices
  • Can combine several surveys simultaneously (e.g. cable pit/pole/lamp house)
  • Direct integration with other tools:
    - CapFT
    - Shape files
    - Corolle - which enables available data extraction and reimport on survey completion
     Use of Corolle is not mandatory, but it speeds up and simplifies the processes.
  • Easy deployment on Android