A key player in fixed networks in the East of France

On 28 June last, Circet took over the Capecom group along with 460 new staff, taking Circet's total workforce to 3,000. Born of a merger of its two founding members, companies Perino and Rohr Cablor, the Capecom group comprises companies Perino, Rohr Cablor and its subsidiary Optec-telecom, Fusion, Antennes Leclerc and its subsidiaries Huou and SNTH. Specialized in fixed copper and fibre-optic networks in the East of France, this group further competes our territorial coverage and consolidates activities in municipalities for Orange ICTR and for local authorities. It also comes with Antennes Leclerc, a company capable of designing and manufacturing pylons and other metal structure. Another distinctive feature with Fusion, apart from its historic activity in splitters, is the services for Orange Business Services, as well as energy services for the Metz electricity corporation, meter reading or power outage.

With this acquisition and the very recent acquisition of the Capcom group, the Circet group's revenue rose from €450m in 2016 to €640m in 2017, and it now represents 10% of the telecoms infrastructures market. "In five years we have increased our revenue sixfold", stresses Circet Chairman Philippe Lamazou. "Our organic and external growth in recent years has been driven by consolidation in our sector along with a change in the industrial model, by investments backed by operators and by the arrival of CM-CIC Investissement, a leading player in equity financing, as the principal shareholder of our group."