Planting a hedge for a market gardener in the Paris region

Circet France has used its Circet Foundation program to sponsor know-how transfer. Teams carried out their first environmental mission as a group, planting trees and shrubs in Marcoussis. The mission was organized by an association called Le triangle vert (The Green Triangle) and took place in March 2021 on the farm of a market gardener and arborist who does not use any pesticides. Through this project, the market gardener was able to share his passion and values with people looking to rediscover long-forgotten flavors and methods.

During the mission, the teams helped plant a 200-meter long hedge composed of different shrubs. This hedge will protect market garden crops from the wind, prevent flooding on the plot, and promote the return of biodiversity.

These Circet teams from the Paris region are proud of their work and commitment to protecting our environment.