With the acquisition of the Capcom group, Circet further consolidates its positions on the telecoms infrastructures market.

The newly merged group generates €580m of revenue with 2,500 staff throughout metropolitan France and overseas, and the two founders of Capcom, Messrs Abdi and Sandoval, have joined Circet's senior management team. Founded in 2001, the Capcom group has nearly 700 staff and generated €125m of revenue in 2016. Just like Circet, the Capcom group deploys, installs and maintains fixed and mobile telecoms networks. Its territory is the Ile de France and the Centre and East of France, where it consolidates Circet's positions, and Réunion Island and Mayotte, giving Circet new outlets overseas. The Capcom group also markets telecoms services, selling door to door in particular, a powerful tool in connection with the arrival of new FTTH networks; this business thus supplements Circet's service offering.