A Circet group company specialized in the construction of relay towers, Antennes Leclerc is now called Circet Pylône.

A French company reputed for its expertise in the construction of relay towers and metal structure, Antennes Leclerc joined Circet with the Capecom group at the end of 2017. Formed by Louis Leclerc in 1956, the company initially constructed television masts. Its business evolved with the deployment of the independent FM radio stations then that of mobile telephony. Currently, the densification of mobile networks and the deployment of 4G in rural areas is boosting demand for relay towers. In the interests of consistency vis-à-vis its clients, the company has been renamed Circet Pylône.

Based in La Grande Paroisse in the south of the Greater Paris region, the company has a production plant with a engineering and design department for engineering and constructing relay towers and the accessories needed to erect them and to consolidate the existing facilities. Its principal clients in France are the telecoms operators or site developers such as Circet. With its export business, the company also constructs relay towers installed in the four corners of the earth.