Circet Distribution is the Circet subsidiary that sells subscriptions on behalf of telecoms and energy operators.


Commercial drive and exacting quality standards

Circet Distribution is specialized in direct sales (BtoB and BtoC) in two business sectors.

Telecoms -  Circet Distribution sells optical fibre and mobile subscriptions to consumers and small businesses. Its role consists in enabling the telecoms operator to secure a return on its investment in the deployment of its fibre-optic network. Circet Distribution is a major vendor of home services for Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Télécom.

With this subscription sales service, the Circet group offers operators a comprehensive service comprising the deployment, sale, connection and maintenance of the telecoms network.

Energy - Circet Distribution sells electricity and gas subscriptions for Engie to residential customers. The company works on high volumes of prospective customers with excellent productivity. Circet Distribution is one of Engie's leading service providers.

A nationwide sales force

Circet Distribution operates throughout metropolitan France and in Réunion with 22 sales offices and 1000 travelling sales representatives.

Circet Distribution's Offices

The sales channels

  • Direct sales to consumers and residential customers
  • Direct sales to microbusinesses and SMEs

Exacting Productivity and Quality Standards

Direct selling nowadays is highly regulated by the operators and must meet a twofold requirement; commercial drive and quality, more particularly with structured management and quality control based on key performance indicators. Leaving a drop card, wearing a badge, entering an order in real time, recapitulating the order, rephrasing directly and recording telephone conversations are just some of the demands placed on sales consultants.