To design its clients' fixed and mobile telecoms networks (telecom operators, key accounts or local authorities), Circet has numerous regional design offices and a national design office in the east of France.

Engineering cable networks

For all types of networks:

  • FTTH (P2P, AON & PON)
  • FTTx/FTTLa
  • Boosting speed

The services

  • Topographical surveying and analysis
  • Identifying different terrain-related problems (addresses, constraints, technologies, etc.)
  • Analysis, finding pertinent solutions (cost, architecture, durability, etc.)
  • Designing, scaling and projecting the network on a topographic base
  • Managing different network layers: infrastructure, optical, copper
  • Costing and quotations
  • Modelling the network in geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Mastery of the core industry tools
  • Extracting and processing network data
  • Preparing site work packages

GIS mapping

  • Constructing a geographic information system
  • Organizing topographic base maps
  • Processing network data (import, export, integration, modelling, conversion, etc.)
  • Performing queries

Wireless network engineering

Detailed engineering studies:

  • Defining solutions to be deployed on the basis of the client's marketing requirements (engineering)

Engineering work:

  • Documenting the configuration of equipment to be deployed
  • Predicting radio coverage and producing radio neighbourhood plans
  • Microwave radio transmission link budget
  • Transmission links configuration document
  • Updating clients' databases