Circet deploys its clients' fixed and mobile telecoms networks. Running, finding and negotiating sites, civil engineering, cable pulling, site construction and development, Circet covers all needs.

For mobile networks

Deployment includes the running, finding and negotiating of sites, the development of new telecoms sites and the renovation of existing sites.

Running and managing turnkey projects

From the initial statement of requirements to integration in the client network

  • Updating clients' databases and verifying the completeness of the input data
  • Project management with the aid of Circet POP!, the in-house project management tool

Site searches and negotiations

  • Identifying candidates / Risk assessment of the search areas
  • Pre-qualification of candidates
  • Simplified designs
  • Obtaining official approvals
  • Negotiating occupancy agreements
  • Detailed designs

Developing new sites and renovating existing sites

  • General contractorship:
    - Use of internal resources
    - Use of subcontractors
  • External works, civil engineering, electricity, ironwork/metalwork, manufacturing pylons, telemetry and command equipment, etc.
  • Supervising site work
  • Acceptance operations
  • Drafting records of finished work

For fixed networks

Deployment includes project management, civil engineering, optical fibre, coaxial and copper cable laying, vertically up to the subscriber, and horizontally (overhead or underground).

Construction / Installation

  • Running and managing projects
  • Running and managing projects
  • Installing poles
  • Control testing (cable duct, cable)
  • Optical fibre and copper (laying, porting, blowing)
  • Laying optical fibre and copper cable, welding, fusion splicing
  • Deployment of equipment, repeaters, DSL access multiplexers