Activating Telecoms Network: Activation and integration

CIRCET is entrusted with end-to-end services, from on-site access control, technical and safety inspections, installation and activation of active equipment, to drafting and sending inventory control documents with regard to completion of the services rendered.

There are many equipment installation and activation services, in the fields of radio (bay and antennae) and transmission (microwave radio system, copper link, optical link, etc.). They are carried out in three phases.

Technical and safety inspections

On the basis of prerequisites specified by the client, this phase consists in checking access and safety aspects and technical feasibility on site.

These separate or joint inspections lead to:

  • An inspection report that lays down the rules to observe for the future installation
  • A specific safety plan factoring in the specifics of each site.

Installation and activation (I&A)

This phase includes:

  • Procuring the equipment needed for I&A and storing it in our warehouses prior to installation
  • Equipment inventory
  • Transferring the equipment to the site and setting it up (transport, crane handling, porting, assembly, etc.)
  • Installation according to client-specific procedures
  • Powering up and declaring the new equipment in the client's already active network
  • Tests (link qualification/voice and data test) to check that the equipment is serviceable
  • Integration into the client's active network (= site in operation)

Handover of the deliverables

  • Drafting an as-built record (installation report/final documentation/system documentation/record of finished work, etc.)