Circet designs, constructs, upgrades and maintains fixed telecoms network infrastructure solutions for its telecoms operator, key account and local authority clients.

Circet constructs national, regional and local fixed telecoms networks and provides residential and business subscribers with connection, activation or even repair services.

Circet can work both on the passive network (civil engineering infrastructure, copper, optical fibre or coaxial cable circuit) and on the active part of telecoms networks.

Turnkey or custom solutions

Circet is active at each stage of creation of a fixed telecoms network and adapts to the client's project by offering a turnkey or custom solution.

The stages: Engineering, deployment of civil engineering, fibre-optic cables, copper cables, coaxial cables, upgrades, installation, swap and activation of active equipment, maintenance, After-Sales services for clients, audits.

To offer its clients the best value for money, Circet masters buried fixed networks and overhead networks on poles.

The technologies

From backhaul or backbone networks to FTTH and xDSL local loops

Cable types: optical fibre, copper and coaxial

Equipment: all generations of equipment
CWDM and DWDM optical multiplexers, SDH and GE transmission equipment, digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs) (copper) and OLT (optical), subscriber and line switches, line concentrators, giga-routers, routers, switches, modems…