Circet partners municipalities in the deployment of very high-speed broadband telecoms network and in implementing connected applications.

Smart and Connected Cities

Optimizing Urban Services

The development of cities with a greater concentration of people brings with it new difficulties in urban management (resources, pollution, transport, waste, safety, parking, etc.). So-called smart solutions based on sensors or devices connected to a very high-speed telecoms network make for more efficient management of the city.


Circet's Offering

Circet supports municipalities and meets their needs for very high-speed broadband telecoms networks, video surveillance or parking management systems. We offer municipalities end-to-end services, including assistance in preliminary administrative formalities, technical and budgetary studies and the deployment and maintenance of applications. Circet also carries out audits of legacy systems.

Very High-Speed Broadband Telecoms Networks

Drawing on more than 25 years' experience working with telecoms operators, Circet offers municipalities turnkey installation and maintenance services for very high-speed fibre-optic or radio telecoms networks.

Telecoms Network Applications:

  • interconnection of public buildings
  • communications for enterprise zones
  • urban video surveillance (fixed cameras, mobile cameras, number plate cameras, etc.)
  • urban traffic control (traffic light management)
  • access control to the city centre, intercoms or badges
  • water management, street lighting, parking meters, urban communications, advertising, etc.


Video Surveillance

Circet installs and maintains video surveillance systems for municipalities. Numerous municipalities mindful of the safety of their citizens have already opted to work with Circet.

Circet's video surveillance installation and maintenance services are APSAD-certified.


Parking Management

Circet offers municipalities the oneSITU by Circet solution, a smart and connected parking management system. Using smart sensors fitted in the pavement, the system optimizes the use of parking spaces or set-down points, with real-time management supervision. Advantages enabling everyone to benefit more from the city.

Circet, a Certified Company

APSAD certification, awarded jointly by AFNOR and CNPP, certifies Circet's video surveillance system installation and maintenance services. It concerns many regions in France and covers virtually all the French territory.
Mindful of quality and the environment, Circet has deployed an ISO 9001-certified quality management system and an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.