Cannes, located on the world-famous French Riviera, has selected our Onesitu connected solution for its urban parking smart management.

With its international film festival, its luxury boutiques and hotels, the beautiful French city of Cannes attracts an ever-increasing number of visitors. This influx generates an inordinate quantity of deliveries in the city center. As part of an urban logistics project, a technical survey carried out by the City Council underscored the need to monitor areas reserved for deliveries, quite often taken illegally by other motorists.

Director of Public Infrastructures & Roads at the Cannes City Council, Pascal Teisseire is responsible for the urban logistics project. He has selected our Onesitu smart parking system ‘for its practicality, attractive cost and ease of implementation’.

Our system communicates over a low-bandwidth network and informs both users and the police of the status of a parked vehicle - whether or not it has exceeded its authorized parking time. What is more, Onesitu has a feature that compiles statistics and determines whether delivery spaces need to be kept or new ones created. After a trial phase, Pascal Teisseire decided to have the system installed on a larger scale. In 2018, 70 sensors were installed in the city center and other projects will follow.

Entirely designed and made in France, our Onesitu system has two main outlets: car parks for large retail stores and local authorities. At the end of 2017, more than 10,000 sensors were already installed in France in superstore car parks, and in cities such as Paris, Cannes, La Courneuve, and Grasse.

Onesitu in Brief

Our car parking management solution uses smart sensors, featuring a status indicator light fitted in the pavement, over a low bandwidth network.

Customer Testimonial

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The Onesitu system was chosen for its attractive cost but also for its technical features: a sensor with an indicator light fitted in the pavement, not under the car, indicates the status of the space to users and the police. We have a very good relationship with the Onesitu team and we will continue this collaboration with new projects: delivery spaces and set-down points.

Director of Public Infrastructures & Roads at Cannes City Council