The Manche region undertook a proactive broadband deployment process very early on. The Syndicat Mixte Manche Numérique was created in 2004 to deploy digital services and share best practices across the northern region of France.

High-Speed Broadband

Manche Numérique unbundled 138 telephone exchanges (subscriber hubs) and deployed a 1,200 km-long backhaul infrastructure. The ‘Infrastructures’ part of the SDTAN (territorial development plan for digital services) elaborated by Manche Numérique was adopted in 2011 with the goal of completing the FTTH coverage of the whole department (100% of the lines) within 15 years.

The first phase consists in delivering very high-speed broadband to roughly 170,000 lines by 2017. The project of the Syndicat Mixte Manche Numérique, the contracting authority, aims to construct a very high-speed fiber network that will be operated under a public-service concession.

Construction & Installation of Technical Sites for Shared Access Points

Contracting authority: Syndicat Mixte Manche Numérique
Prime contractor: The Manche Council (50)

As part of the contract, our team is in charge of creating 23 shared access points, i.e. 24,000 sockets, in three areas of the region corresponding to the three areas where FTTH is currently being rolled out.



What We Do:

  • Carry out the earthworks, and build the platform (e.g. slab, base) for a container (cabinet, shelter) and the linking infrastructure up to cable pit 0
  • Supply and install the container
  • Supply and install internal equipment (e.g. cable racks, bays/trusses, plug-in units and racks for the cable terminals, power supply), in line with each site requirements

The shared access points will feature five distinct spaces:

  • a space for splitters housing the cable terminals of the FTTH service network
  • a space housing the coupling units (splitters) of PON (passive optical network) operators
  • a space housing the cable terminals of the FTTH transport network