The replacement of Alcatel network cabinets by miniaturized Nokia equipment at an Orange Mobile site in France’s Vaucluse region was closely supervised.

To prepare for the deployment of 5G networks, Circet teams are replacing Alcatel network cabinets with next-generation Nokia equipment, which are lighter and more compact and, most importantly, 5G-compatible. Some of this work is done at inaccessible locations, making it necessary to turn to helicopter lifting to deliver the equipment to be installed and remove the old equipment. This was the case at the château du Barroux site in the Vaucluse region in Southeast France, where the telecom equipment to be replaced was at the top of a castle keep.

A special site for which zones requiring safety vigilance were studied in advance and a risk abatement plan was drafted, in particular for access to the site - on the square keep of this medieval castle - and for the risks of the helicopter lifting operation, site hazards, and noise.

The work on the Orange Mobile site was done for Nokia by Circet teams from Gémenos, in collaboration with Hélitec and their outstanding pilots and in the presence of representatives of Nokia and Orange.

Key Facts :

  • 4 helicopter sorties
  • Duration: 1 hour

Customer Testimonial

The Circet technicians are highly skilled; they have been doing this work for years, and if I am not mistaken, we are counting on them for the short-, medium-, and long-term future.

Nokia Project Manager