A backhaul network 1,000 km long with 230,000 optical sockets to be rolled out for 666 towns in Calvados in northern France.

In December 2011, the Calvados region’s Council chose Tutor to deploy a FTTH network across the region, outside high-density areas.

Tutor then selected Circet, among other network providers, for the design and deployment of this FTTH network. For an initial phase of four years, 180,000 optical sockets were to be installed in 288 municipalities.

For us, the project started in 2013 with the preliminary studies and field surveys, which were sent on to our design office in Lyon, specialized in local authority projects. The civil engineering, wiring and connection works were then carried out with local companies.

New Dedicated Branch

In order to execute the project for Tutor in the best possible way, we set up a branch in the suburbs of Caen, creating 45 jobs, 15 for Circet and 30 for our subcontractors. At the end of 2015, our design office dedicated to the project was relocated from Lyon to Caen. At the beginning of 2016, five FTTH plates had already been marketed, seven were pending deployment and three will be at the beginning of 2016.

Provider Selected by Region’s Council

The public service concession management method has been adopted for the deployment of the ‘Fibre Calvados’ network. The concession has been awarded to Tutor SA under a 25-year concession agreement. The local subsidiary Tutor Calvados is responsible for designing and constructing the public ‘Fibre Calvados’ network owned by the region, and for marketing it to network service and access providers. By drawing on the wholesale offer proposed by the public ‘Fibre Calvados’ network, service providers will be in charge of providing to residential and business customers with retail offers.

Not dependent on service providers who are the customers of the ‘Fibre Calvados’ network, Tutor is one of the key players in public initiative networks based on optical fiber technology. At the end of 2015, Tutor had 11 public service concessions on French territory totaling: 5,000 km of fiber network, 3,000 business customers/public sites and more than 100,000 connectable FTTH sockets (for more than 13,000 subscribers). At the end of 2016, Tutor was taken over by its competitor Covage.