At Circet, we bring people together to make great things happen. Our consistent development and growth are underpinned by strong core values shared by everyone across the company.


Our customers are our main asset. All our employees have a role to play in ensuring customer satisfaction and customer adoption.


Each and every employee in the company is committed and accountable. Our people act like entrepreneurs in an organization where autonomy and smooth processes prevail.


Circet has developed a strong productivity-driven and results-oriented company culture and is towering above market financial standards. The trust we have built with our partners gives us a license to continue investing and growing our business.


A key factor to our strong performance as a company is our ability to keep the momentum going, be responsive, and take risks.


Circet is successful because we are focused on keeping our organization and operations closely in line with the market evolution. This opens great career path opportunities for our employees to grow, get to know new jobs, and keep acquiring new skills.


We are passionate about what we do. We are determined to succeed. At Circet, we have created a momentum which makes new talents want to come on board and makes customers want to work with us.