Formed in 1993, Circet has grown steadily, combining organic growth and growth by acquisition since its beginnings.

Circet's most recent acquisitions in France are TSA company in December 2017, oneSITU in October 2017, the Capecom group in June 2017, the Capcom group in February 2017, companies Eritel and Soneg in November 2016, preceded by Camusat France in October 2013, progressively integrated into Circet.

Capecom group

Born of the merger of its two founding members, companies Perino and Rohr Cablor, the Capecom group is specialized in fixed copper and fibre-optic networks and has thus consolidated our joint activities for Orange ICTR and for local authorities. Other distinctive features of this group are Antennes Leclerc, a company that designs and manufactures pylons and other metal structures, and company Fusion, which in addition to its long-standing splitter business offers services to Orange Business Services and in the energy sector.

Based in the East of France, the Capecom group joined Circet on 28 June 2017.

Capcom Group

The Capcom group boasts expertise in two fields, technical and commercial: it deploys and maintains fixed and mobile telecoms networks, and also sells telecoms services on behalf of operators, door-to-door sales, when new FTTH networks are rolled out.

The Capcom group, which joined Circet in February 2017, is based in Ile de France, in the Centre and East, and overseas in Réunion Island and Mayotte.


Eritel is specialized in the design, deployment, connection and operational readiness of copper and fibre-optic telecoms networks, and works primarily for Orange within the framework of ICTR and Publiphonie contracts.

After joining Circet in November 2016, Eritel completes Circet's geographical coverage in the west of France.


Soneg is specialized in poles used for telecoms networks. Its core business is conformance testing, load calculations and surveys of pole anomalies, for operator Orange.

Based in Loire Atlantique, Soneg joined Circet in November 2016 and was integrated into Circet in June 2017.

Kalliste Numerique

Orange's legacy subcontractor in Corsica for the so-called geo-target connection and repairs market for copper network subscribers, Kalliste Numerique was taken over by Circet in 2008. Well-established on both the copper and fibre-optic network markets, the company has become Orange's main supplier on the island.

Kalliste Numerique was integrated into Circet in June 2017.