Since it was created in 1993, our company has been steadily gaining momentum, through a combination of organic growth and targeted acquisitions.

In recent years, Circet has acquired and integrated a number of businesses in France: TSA in December 2017, Capecom Group in June 2017, Capcom Group in February 2017, Eritel and Soneg in November 2016 and Camusat France in October 2013

In France, Circet operates two specialized subsidiaries: 1) Circet Distribution (previously a Capcom Group subsidiary), dedicated to marketing telecom and energy subscription plans for our operator customers, and 2) Circet Pylône (previously a Capecom Group subsidiary). 

Circet Distribution

Circet Distribution operates throughout metropolitan France and in Réunion with 26 sales offices and 800 field sales representatives. The company is specializing in direct sales (Business to Business and Business to Consumer) in the telecom and energy markets.

To learn more about our marketing solutions, visit our dedicated page here.

Circet Pylône

Located in the South of Paris, Circet Pylône operates a production plant for the construction and installation of new relay towers, and for the reinforcement of existing ones. Our main customers are telecom operators and developers.

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