Circet's harmonious development and growth draws on federative values shared by everybody in the company.


The clients are the company's main riches, and all the staff play a role in satisfying them and making them want to work with Circet.


Each company employee is committed and responsible, and behaves as an entrepreneur in a company where autonomy and fluidity prevail.


Circet has developed a culture of productivity and results and outperforms the market's financial standards. Circet's partners are confident and the company can invest and continue expanding.


If Circet enjoys strong growth, it is because it is on the move, responsive and knows how to take risks.


Circet's ability to adapt its organization and operations to a changing market is one of the reasons behind its success. From this stem real opportunities for Circet's staff; they too can progress, experiment with new trades and continue to learn.


United by the same passion, and driven by a strong desire to succeed, Circet's staff have created an atmosphere in the company that encourages telecoms employees to join them and encourages clients to work with them.