Since its beginnings, Circet has operated in the world of telecommunications. The company was formed through a merger of recognized companies to achieve its current position as leader on the European telecoms infrastructures market.

1980 ETL formed by Pierre Bussinger, a small company and subcontractor for France Télécom.
1987 SN2T created by Paul-Henri Sapet, a company specialized in the installation of transmission equipment for France Télécom.
1993 Formation of SA Circet Group.
2004 The Circet group took over SNT, a company specialized in transmissions.
2005 The Circet group took over NSM, a Mediterranean company specialized in copper networks.
2007 The Circet Group took over the service branch of equipment manufacturer ADC Inc., a company specialized in the deployment of telecoms sites.
2007 The Circet group took over Airbox Technologies, a company specialized in telecoms network engineering.
2008 The Circet group took over Kalliste Numérique, a Corsican company specialized in the installation of telecoms networks.
2008 Prothéa became the majority shareholder of Circet Group.
2009 Prothéa, the Circet Group's holding company, became Circet Développement.
2009 NSM became Circet Provence.
2010 The Circet Group became the sole shareholder of Prothéa's subsidiaries Omni Réseaux, renamed Circet Grand Ouest, Comares renamed Circet Sud Est, Epsilon Réseaux rename Circet Ile de France.
2010 Kalliste Numérique and Circet Provence became wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Circet Group.
2010 The Circet Group acquired Comexpress, a company based in Ile de France and specialized in France Telecom's Copper Loop.
2011 The Circet Group took over STA based at Gerzat in Auvergne, whose main business was France Telecom's copper network.
2013 The Circet Group became Circet and celebrated its 20th anniversary.
2013 Circet took over Camusat SAS, the Camusat group's France subsidiary, specialized in mobile telecoms networks.
2014 The two subsidiaries Comexpress, renamed Circet Ile de France Est, and Camusat France were integrated into Circet.
2015 Circet sold a share of its equity to CM-CIC Investissement, which became its principal shareholder.
2016 Circet took over Eritel and Soneg and thereby strengthened its positions in the West of France.
2017 Circet took over the Capcom group, the Capecom group and TSA society, and further consolidated its positions with telecoms operators and local authorities in Ile de France, in the East of France and overseas in Réunion Island and Mayotte.
2018 Advent International becomes the principal shareholder of the Circet Group alongside its management. 
2018 Creation of Circet Morocco in February and Circet Deutschland in June.