Acquisition & Certification of Technical Skills

Because it is our pledge to deliver the best value and experience for our customers, we created the Circet Academy – our in-house school – to give our front-line teams the cutting-edge skills needed in a highly disruptive telecommunications industry.

Best-in-Class Skills

At the Circet Academy, our Subject-Matter Experts are responsible for auditing all site teams, providing the necessary training, and issuing individual occupational certificates of proficiency. This applies both to our employees and to the company's subcontractors. All new recruits are assessed within three months of being posted to a site.

Areas of Expertise

  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of active equipment (e.g. transmission, switching, multiplexing, routing) across diverse technology (e.g. copper pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber, microwave radio system)
  • Installation of infrastructures housing active equipment (e.g. bay, splitter, energy workshops, air-conditioning, cable routes)
  • Deployment and maintenance of transport, distribution and subscriber line networks in copper pair, optical fiber and coaxial cable
  • Installation, activation and maintenance of active 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and aerial mobile voice equipment
  • Deployment and maintenance of mobile voice infrastructures (e.g. pylon, flat roof equipment, water tower)
  • Engineering and studies in all these fields

Customized Training Programs

Over 100 training programs are provided tailor-made according to operational needs. They are provided to our operations managers and their partners. Training sessions can be organized anywhere in France.

We have four training sites in France:  Aix en Provence (Le Tholonet), Lyon (Bron), Nantes (Anetz) and Paris (Choisy le Roi), fully equipped with technical support centers.

Referenced by Datadock

Our Circet Academy’s training center is Datadock-referenced. Training can therefore be supported by French OPCOs (skills development funding).


The courses are run by organizations specialized in each of the relevant fields:

  • Electrical work
  • Overhead work
  • Work in the presence of asbestos
  • Driving vehicles or CACES (driver safety certificate)

Each trainee is then accredited by Circet for the job and is given a safety passport.