Acquisition & Certification of Technical Skills

Because it is our pledge to deliver the best value and experience for our customers, we created the Circet Academy – our in-house school – to give our front-line teams the cutting-edge skills needed in a highly disruptive telecommunications industry.

Best-in-Class Skills

At the Circet Academy, our Subject-Matter Experts are responsible for auditing all site teams and issuing individual occupational certificates of proficiency. All new recruits are assessed within three months of being posted to a site.

Areas of Expertise

  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of active equipment (e.g. transmission, switching, multiplexing, routing) across diverse technology (e.g. copper pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber, microwave radio system)
  • Installation of infrastructures housing active equipment (e.g. bay, splitter, energy workshops, air-conditioning, cable routes)
  • Deployment and maintenance of transport, distribution and subscriber line networks in copper pair, optical fiber and coaxial cable
  • Installation, activation and maintenance of active 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and aerial mobile voice equipment
  • Deployment and maintenance of mobile voice infrastructures (e.g. pylon, flat roof equipment, water tower)
  • Engineering and studies in all these fields


The courses are run by organizations specialized in each of the relevant fields:

  • Electrical work
  • Overhead work
  • Work in the presence of asbestos
  • Driving vehicles or CACES (driver safety certificate)

Each trainee is then accredited by Circet for the job and is given a safety passport.