Our design department managers are versatile people who check project feasibility for our customers.


The Job

The design department manager is responsible for ensuring the quality of studies and product design; they generally manage a team of engineers, designers, developers and technicians. They supervise the work done by their teams and work directly with the project manager, who shares the customer’s requirements with them. As the project coordinator, they make sure the various people involved work together, receive invitations to tender, ensure the requirements of the customer’s statement of scope and deliverables are implemented, carry out design studies and check the plans produced. They also negotiate costs, and manage orders and invoicing. They attend meetings with the customer, report on the progress of studies once the study schedule has been agreed, and ensure it is monitored and deadlines are met.



Note: The plural pronoun “they” is used to refrain from assigning a gender to the position. The use of “they” avoids any form of gender discrimination.