Since its beginnings, Circet has constructed the fixed and mobile networks of telecoms operators. Beyond its core activities, Circet also carries out other types of work. Focus on the Publiphonie activity for Orange.

When Circet also deals with telephone booths

Since April 2013, Circet has dealt with telephone booths on behalf of Orange France. 95% of this contract work consists in dismantling telephone booths, and 5% in maintaining them, on over half the French territory. In total, Orange is dismantling 100,000 booths over five years, as these booths are not part of the universal service that the legacy operator has a duty to provide.


As everyone now has a mobile phone, telephone booths are not as useful as they were in the 1980s. In the golden age of phone cards, roughly 250,000 telephone booths populated our pavements. In 2013 there remained 120,000 of them. In an initial phase completed at the end of 2015, Orange reduced their number to 60,000. In a second phase to be completed at the end of 2017, 40,000 more booths will be dismantled.