Cofiroute Circet has installed a pylon 65 metres tall between the motorway and the SNCF track.

An operation carried out at night, under close supervision, with highly intense pressure on safety.

It is on the edge of the A10 motorway, next to the St Arnoult tollgate south of Paris, between the SNCF (railway) track and a building, that Circet replaced a pylon for Cofiroute more than 60 metres tall.

Circet, the prime contractor, supervised the work of specialized companies in two phases: the night-time installation of a new pylon 62.5 metres tall, with a 3-metre riser block, the entire assembly weighing nearly 16 tonnes. Then a few days later, the removal of the 69-metre pylon in place, also at night. A project that had been prepared for over a year, owing to environmental difficulties, and seen through to a successful conclusion to the greatest satisfaction of the client.

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