Alongside the front-line staff, the production assistant carries out all the administrative tasks relating to contracts: production management, sales administration and liaising with HR. A job that requires rigour and organization.

Assistante prod Sophie-FIVES

The job in brief

The cornerstone of the business, the production assistant knows how to multitask. She does the sales administration work for contracts managed by her immediate superior, the works supervisor or project manager, deals with clients' inquiries, collects and checks all the information required for invoicing purposes (technical documents, sign-off documents, etc.). With the invoicing department, she helps monitor and chase up outstanding payments. She updates the central computer system, from which she extracts management charts whenever necessary. She also participates in production management and in verifying the cost effectiveness of contracts: provisional schedules, site procurement, real-time entry of teams' work hours. Beyond her production-related duties, she sometimes liaises locally with the HR department.